UAS Responders SYSTEM

Save Time, Save Lives

UAS Responders System includes the latest and most modern aircraft and sensors available, coupled with highly trained operators. Critical components include:

  • UAV Factory Penguin C Aircraft
    • EFI Propulsion Module optimizes endurance (20 hours) and can be swapped in minutes
    • EPSILON 140z (EO/LWIR) Payload provides all-weather performance in the harshest environments (-40° to 122° F)
    • Tracking Antenna System extends the operational range (60 miles)
    • Trailer-mounted and Portable Ground Control Stations ensure flexibility and redundancy
  • A Command Center with small meeting space
    • Aerial images streamed to our Command Center and secure website
    • Capability to stream direct to your Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Both Commercial Pilots and Part 107 Certified operators
  • Visual safety observer(s)

The UAS Responders

UAS Responders provide aerial surveillance of wild fires, controlled burns, public protests, and search and rescue events. The process is proven. The results are real. UAS Responders rapid response team arrives on location, ready to deploy. Using our advanced equipment, our highly trained operators connect with your Emergency Response team to bring the aerial view to you.