About US

Save Time, Save Lives

The UAS Responders

are a deployment unit of the UND Aerospace Foundation (UNDAF) located at the University of North Dakota. As a not for profit organization, UNDAF’s charter is to enrich the aviation industry with the goal of making aviation safe for all.

With human safety in mind, and as world leader in pilot and Air Traffic Control (ATC) training, UNDAF recognized it has a team of employees with the unique skill set to provide first responders with comprehensive aerial surveillance. With a new mission in mind, our team of UAS pilots performed a comprehensive review of aircraft, searching for the most capable system. We landed on the Penguin C.

Today UNDAF and UAV Factory enjoy a robust relationship. As one of the few civilian operators of the Penguin C, the UAS Responders team also provides Penguin C Operator training, and performs aircraft demonstrations on behalf of UAV Factory.

Our primary team members include:

(Lead UAS Pilot, UAS Business Development)

(Avionics, Remote Sensing)

(Airspace Integration)